Our vision is to shape a future that enhances life and to inspire human potentials to transform community, culture, and the ways through our expertise, dedication, and creativity.  

Mission-Architecture and Urban Design (MAUD) seeks to create a healthy environment for thought, creativity, human interaction, and relationship with nature.  We believe that architecture and urban design can play significant roles in addressing some of the foremost challenges of our time.  

We understand that this can be achieved through an architecture that is intent, mindful, and uniquely crafted to respond to client, users, program, and setting.  We aim to design building and places that bring people together with satisfaction and enhance their lives in an essential way while being sustainable, functional, and efficient.  

We are here for our clients' challenges.  We seek to understand our clients’ world and develop solutions to accomplish their missions. We propose a design process founded on close interaction with client, strong leadership of collaborative design team, and meaningful dialogue with the community.  We listen, observe, and learn through collaboration for new ideas, new thinking, and new solutions.